The Globe Innovation Forum 2014 was held on August 26, 2014 at ‘The Globe’ Tower, BGC, Philippines. The ka-Globe and its technology partners gathered together to share the latest trends in the field of innovation, creativity, design, R&D and new product development, as well as the major challenges for the future.

Messaging Network Optimisation and OPEX Reduction with Advanced Messaging Services
Using TeleDNA’s Next Generation Smart Messaging Router Strategy and re-architecting the existing messaging infrastructure, Opex reduction as high as 50% can be achieved. Introduction of new Advanced Messaging Services available to enhance the revenue stream from SMS services.

Operator’s own All in One OTT App and Social Networking Framework
An innovative OTT solution that provides a complete chatting framework, with all related facilities of adding friends, status, public & private chat etc.

  • Offers plug n play of new related apps being officered for consumption which enhance the social experience.
  • provides a consolidated & seamless window for all applications, aiding consumer adoption.
  • Tracks consumer usage patter, and builds useful BI around it.
  • Allows Telcos to have a better control on the Services & drive significant revenues.

Interactive Cell Broadcast – Location Based Promotions and Advertising
TeleDNA Interactive CBC Solution provides with mass, real-time, and location based segmented promotions. Customers will have relevant content, delivered at the right place and time. It also provides advertising opportunities with a new direct response medium with true mass reach.