allows users to express feelings with large set of animated, smiling faces available in the app


Chat With Friends Anywhere

  • Allows user to import contacts from the address book and send messages in real time to friends.
  • User can share their favorite photo, audio, video, files. 
  • Photo/video can be chosen from gallery or can be captured from camera instantly. Using this app user can send messages to anybody. If the end user doesn’t have this app message will be delivered via SMS. When a photo is shared, photo download link will be sent

Open/Closed Group Chat

  • App allows users to create open/closed group and start conversation among them
  • Closed Group: User can create closed group by adding members from contacts. Anyone who wishes to join this group has to request membership. Once admin accepts the membership he/she will become member of the group
  • Open Group: Any one can join this group and start conversation

Sharing Emoticons

  • App allows users to express feelings with large set of animated, smiling faces available in the app

Sharing Multimedia Content

  • User can share photo, video, files with friends. Photo/video can be chosen from gallery or can be captured from camera instantly

Import Contacts

  • App allows user to import contacts from address book and start conversation

Make Audio/ Video Call

  • App allows user to make free audio/video call via SIP/WEB RTC


  • App will send alerts when a friend came online for conversation or leave from conversation
  • App will send alerts when user receives any new message

Sharing Location

  • App allows you to share location with your friend

Find Friends

  • App allows you to search for new friends within OTT Messaging app

Fun Messaging

  • App allows you to send messages to friends by choosing an avatar and the recipient gets the message played as a voice message(i.e. TTS done based on the Avatar chosen)

Event Based Alerts

  • App allows you to send pre configured personalized message. For example birthday wishes can be preconfigured and app deliver the message on the configured date

Message Forwarding

  • App allows you to forward message received from a friend to other friend or group

Chat When Offline

  • Messages sent when mobile is offline will be delivered when mobile is connected. App will check for network connectivity and deliver messages immediately when connection is available

Preference Based Message Delivery

  • App allows user to set message preference. Preferences could be over SMS/ Email or chat .User can configure to deliver all messages via SMS or Data connection.

Contact Sharing

  • App allows user to share a contact to friends. The end user can directly add the received contact to address book with a single click

Ad Integration

  • Operator can integrate Advertisements in Group Chat or Peer to Peer chat. This could be done based on the subscriber profile.

Share Chat Conversation

  • App allows user to share complete chat conversation via email. This feature helps people who have missed the conversation to view the complete conversation