Multichannel Service Delivery

multiple messaging platforms

Introducing enhanced Value Added Services seamlessly over multiple messaging platforms is a major challenge faced by mobile operators. As wireless technologies advance, the number and type of mobile contents and applications that are being introduced in the market are growing at an enormous pace. Converting these mobile contents and applications to carrier grade service offerings is a major task for the operator. The SDP offers management of diversified service categories and effective charging, thus providing service management capability via unified network access.

TeleDNA SDP paves the way for an IMS-compatible services platform where multimedia services can be available across any kind of access networks.

  • Service Management
  • Content Management
  • Service Creation Engine
  • Work Flow Engine
  • Service Creation Environment
  • Partner Management
  • Application Management
  • CRM Module
  • Subscriber / Subscription Management
  • Charging Management
  • Rating & Loyalty Management