About us

Emerging Indian VAS infrastructure provider

TeleDNA was started in the year of 2001 with the vision of becoming the most responsive as well as the most respected provider of VAS Solutions globally. Since its inception TeleDNA has focused on customer centricity and out of box thinking methodology to provide state of the art carrier grade products of VAS infrastructure domain. With its immense growth and steadfast solutions, TeleDNA was bestowed the “Emerging Indian VAS infrastructure provider” by the prestigious INFOCOM-CMAI National Telecom Awards.

TeleDNA solutions have always targeted their suite of products to substantially improve the revenues of mobile service providers. Through its rich, scalable and flexible platforms, mobile operators have managed to upgrade all three Tiers of their operation. TeleDNA’s global presence and proven track record can be gauged from the fact that it has amassed over 65 installations of its products.

TeleDNA has time and again excelled in providing robust solutions with some messaging platforms being able to single handedly handle 500 million messages almost every new year. TeleDNA has managed to grab the market substantially and eliminate the existing competition due to its reputation of providing unique solutions which are one of a kind and TeleDNA has always been heralded as the pioneer in VAS services and all its solutions have quick roll-out.